We provide expert façade design and curtain wall engineering for architects, owners and developers.
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Architectural glazings are the clothes for the buildings so it should be well oriented with quality, production, and technical needs in buildings. We use our experiences to offer cost-effective solutions with technical expertise.


We would work with audited companies which our experts checked all the production, quality forms & certificates, and services. We follow your projects as a “Project Manager” on your behalf and checked the production and quality before sending you.


Being well aware of the facade is playing a critical role in the design process, we can offer a facade concept development that combines cost-effective technical expertise with functional facade design solutions by working directly with the architects during the process and submit detailed drawings that can be based to the facade contractors for later stages.


Other than providing conceptual designs for the pre-contract services of architects, building owners, contractors, etc…, as the first step of post-contract duties, we can also provide a system design service for facade contractors for both the standard and bespoke systems.


Decades of experience in knowledge of materials, manufacturing technology, methods of assembly, application and commercial issues combining with innovative approach and problem solving attitude ensures the optimal solution is provided for our clients’ needs.


As we are more than 15 years of experienced people in the construction business, we are happy to help you to manage your supply chain on behalf of you.


We have partners who are the leaders in their field in the local manufacturing market. We are able to present glass units, manufacturing aluminum systems, perforated panels, GRC, and aluminum composite timber windows.


Contact us to do a presentation for you.


We provide strategic consultancy for architects, contractors, building owners during the design development stage with our in-house expertise and ensures our clients progress with the correct information and guide them to convert the business plans into reality.


We are in the factories on behalf of you and check the production, quality, and service for your goods.